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- Matrix (1999 ITA/ENG) [10bit] [1080p x265] [Paso77] -

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Titolo originale The Matrix
Paese di produzione Stati Uniti d'America, Australia
Anno 1999
Durata 136 min
Rapporto 2,35:1
Genere fantascienza, azione
Regia Andy e Larry Wachowski


Keanu Reeves: Thomas A. Anderson/Neo
Laurence Fishburne: Morpheus
Carrie-Anne Moss: Trinity
Hugo Weaving: agente Smith
Joe Pantoliano: Cypher
Julian Arahanga: Apoc
Tim Cortent: Dozer
Marcus Chong: Tank
Matt Doran: Mouse
Gloria Foster: l'Oracolo
Belinda McClory: Switch
Paul Goddard: agente Brown
Robert Taylor: agente Jones
Rex Linn: agente Donner
Ada Nicodemou: DuJour

«Matrix è ovunque. È intorno a noi. Anche adesso, nella stanza in cui siamo. È quello che vedi quando ti affacci alla finestra, o quando accendi il televisore. L'avverti quando vai al lavoro, quando vai in chiesa, quando paghi le tasse. È il mondo che ti è stato messo davanti agli occhi per nasconderti la verità.»

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Nome: The Matrix 1999 BDMux ITA ENG 10bit 1080p x265 Paso77.mkv
Data: Wed, 25 Mar 2020 16:04:11 +0200
Dimensione: 10,507,925,126 bytes (10021.138311 MiB)
Nota: L'analisi non è completa

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Tipo file: data

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Durata: 02:16:21 (8180.631 s)
Contenitore: matroska
Production date: Wed, 25 Mar 2020 15:59:52 +0200
Totale tracce: 6
Traccia n. 1: video (V_MPEGH/ISO/HEVC) [BDMux Paso77] {und}
Traccia n. 2: audio (A_AC3) [ITA] {ita}
Traccia n. 3: audio (A_AC3) [ENG] {eng}
Traccia n. 4: subtitle (S_TEXT/UTF [ITA FORCED] {ita}
Traccia n. 5: subtitle (S_HDMV/PGS) [ITA SDH] {ita}
Traccia n. 6: subtitle (S_HDMV/PGS) [ENG SDH] {eng}
Muxing library: libebml v1.3.10 + libmatroska v1.5.2
Writing application: mkvmerge v44.0.0 ('Domino&#39 64-bit

[ Traccia video ]

Risoluzione: 1920 x 800
Frame aspect ratio: 12:5 = 2.4
Pixel aspect ratio: 1:1 = 1
Display aspect ratio: 12:5 = 2.4
Framerate: 23.976024 fps

[ Traccia audio nr. 1 ]

Codec ID: A_AC3
Freq. campionamento: 48000 Hz
Canali: 6
Tipo di bitstream (bs): AC3
Bitrate (bs): 640 kbps CBR
Freq. campionamento (bs): 48000 Hz
Modo (bs): 3 front, 2 rear, 1 LFE

[ Traccia audio nr. 2 ]

Codec ID: A_AC3
Freq. campionamento: 48000 Hz
Canali: 6
Tipo di bitstream (bs): AC3
Bitrate (bs): 640 kbps CBR
Freq. campionamento (bs): 48000 Hz
Modo (bs): 3 front, 2 rear, 1 LFE

[ Edition entry ]

UID: 9793567070131296012
Nascosto: No
Selezionato di default: No
Playlist: No
00:00:00,000-00:03:26,957: Trinity in a Jam {eng}
00:03:26,957-00:06:36,813: Impossible Pursuit {eng}
00:06:36,813-00:09:43,833: Follow Instructions {eng}
00:09:43,833-00:11:59,469: The Question {eng}
00:11:59,469-00:16:48,591: "They're Coming for You" {eng}
00:16:48,591-00:21:34,710: Unable to Speak {eng}
00:21:34,710-00:25:09,758: Getting the Bug Out {eng}
00:25:09,758-00:28:52,314: Morpheus' Proposal {eng}
00:28:52,314-00:32:26,361: Down the Rabbit Hole {eng}
00:32:26,361-00:35:23,038: Slimy Rebirth {eng}
00:35:23,038-00:38:42,070: Nebuchadnezzar's Crew {eng}
00:38:42,070-00:44:23,744: The Real World {eng}
00:44:23,744-00:46:34,709: The Search Is Over {eng}
00:46:34,709-00:48:59,019: Training Begins {eng}
00:48:59,019-00:53:32,459: Morpheus/Neo Matchup {eng}
00:53:32,459-00:56:33,307: First Jump {eng}
00:56:33,307-00:59:02,456: The Gatekeepers {eng}
00:59:02,456-01:01:09,749: Running Silent and Deep {eng}
01:01:09,749-01:05:17,664: Dealing for Bliss {eng}
01:05:17,664-01:07:47,981: Off to See the Oracle {eng}
01:07:47,981-01:12:34,600: There Is No Spoon {eng}
01:12:34,600-01:17:50,749: Choices...and a Cookie {eng}
01:17:50,749-01:21:04,276: Glitch in the Matrix {eng}
01:21:04,276-01:25:06,518: One Left Behide {eng}
01:25:06,518-01:29:46,298: Heroes Unplugged {eng}
01:29:46,298-01:31:28,733: Cypher's Burnout {eng}
01:31:28,733-01:37:26,424: Matters of Belief {eng}
01:37:26,424-01:41:06,143: Virus to Be Cured {eng}
01:41:06,143-01:44:21,505: Lobby Shooting Spree {eng}
01:44:21,505-01:47:01,665: Dodge This {eng}
01:47:01,665-01:50:19,696: Gotcha {eng}
01:50:19,696-01:52:57,854: Rooftop Rescue {eng}
01:52:57,854-01:56:38,074: Subway Showdown {eng}
01:56:38,074-01:58:50,540: "My Name Is Neo" {eng}
01:58:50,540-02:02:28,591: Sentinels Attack {eng}
02:02:28,591-02:05:42,952: "He Is the One" {eng}
02:05:42,952-02:08:47,970: Final Connections {eng}
02:08:47,970-02:16:20,631: End Credits ("Wake Up Rock Is Dead&#34 {eng}

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